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bask bear coffee.

Bask Bear Coffee is the leading and fastest-growing coffee brand in Malaysia. We serve the best of Everyday Coffee - high quality, affordable and convenient across over 100 virtual locations, 125 physical stores nationwide, and still counting.
Born and brewed locally, Bask Bear Coffee is inspired by the Malayan Sun Bear. Uniquely distinctive, they are what keeps the forest alive and diverse. This inspires us to do the same for the world through every cup we serve.​

aren palm sugar.

We made the long journey to Borneo to source the perfect sugar alternative to match our signature house blend. We stumbled across something called Arenga palm sugar, or as the natives call it, Aren Palm Sugar. It was distinctively unique and had taste profiles like nothing we had tasted before, which then lead to our Aren Signature Coffee.


Apart from its distinctive unique taste, this sugar alternative was much healthier as well and allowed us to drink our coffee guilt-free!

A.M. French Toasties

Our brand new breakfast toasties made with french toast are now available! Head on down to your nearest Bask Bear Coffee for an early bear-fast! 🥪🥪🥪

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